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  The “hidden jewel” of Westlake and West Austin’s only authentic Interior Mexican restaurant and bar.

Las Palomas’ menu spans multiple regions of Mexico, as well as the cultures which influenced Mexico’s cuisine, including Spanish, French, South American and Aztec tastes. Our signature Mole, Chile Relleno, Steak Chimichurri and Paella recipes reflect the delicious blend of multiple cultures, honed to perfection by Amelia Corona, our founder. Join us for a culinary trip across Mexico, enhanced by an accompanying glass of wine or fresh lime margarita.

Meet the Owner, MariCarmen Corona Dale and her Mother, Amelia


We invite you to come in and taste our time-honored family recipes from throughout interior Mexico. Whether you choose our signature Chile Relleno, Paella, Mole Poblano, Fish Veracruzano, or another item from our extensive menu, we are confident you will find them delicious. Salud!

Latest Posts

Business Lunch Tips


Talking business can be complicated enough. Throw in a lunch between you and your perspective employer or colleague and now you really need to pay attention to the details. Tips like waiting to be seated until your party arrives and imitating other people’s orders will assure your lunch is a success. Read more tips for a win-win business lunch; and then join us at Las Palomas for our lunch specials served up fast and reasonably priced. You’ve got enough on your mind, let us take care of lunch!

Second Wedding Etiquette


When we receive invitations to a second (or third!) wedding, we are often left wondering what to do; what to wear, what to give and whether to mention or ignore the previous marriage(s) at the celebration. While there are no ironclad rules, here’s a guide to help with some of the questions!

Serving Up Healthy Mexican Food


Maybe you’re on a diet. Maybe you have dietary restrictions. Maybe you know you should eat heather but aren’t quite sure how to start. Never fear, we are here for you. At Las Palomas, we serve up healthy Mexican food every single day and the options are many. A Grilled Achiote Chicken Salad free from gluten. Tortilla Soup based in nutritious tomatoes. Fish Tacos of broiled tilapia and lightly seasoned with chipotle. Healthy Meals You Can Order at Any Mexican Restaurant – we’ve got them all! Take the guesswork out of finding a healthy meal, pull up a chair at Las Palomas and let us take care of you.