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Westlake’s “hidden jewel” and only authentic Interior Mexican restaurant and bar.

Las Palomas’ menu spans multiple regions of Mexico, as well as the cultures which influenced Mexico’s cuisine, including Spanish, French, South American and Aztec tastes. Our signature Mole, Chile Relleno, Steak Chimichurri and seafood recipes reflect the delicious blend of multiple cultures, honed to perfection by Amelia Corona, our founder. Join us for a culinary trip across Mexico, enhanced by an accompanying glass of wine or fresh lime margarita.

Meet the Owner, MariCarmen Corona Dale


We invite you to come in and taste our time-honored family recipes from throughout interior Mexico. Whether you choose our signature Chile Relleno, Mole Poblano, Seafood Veracruzano or Chipotle, or another item from our extensive menu, we are confident you will find them delicious. Salud!

Latest Posts

Botano Bites


When friends gather for drinks in Mexico, the small plates of snacks served are known as “botanos”. We bring the tradition here with our Botano Bites, served during #happyhour, Tues-Fri, 5-6:30pm. Choose from mini tostados, taquitos or chile con queso, all made in-house and just $5/plate. Salud!

Jazz and Margaritas…


… a match meant to be! Join us tonight for live jazz from S7Ven, our full menu of delicious interior Mexican food and a Las Palomas Margarita! Or choose another favorite from our cocktail, wine and beer menu – salud!

The Importance of Lunch


Eating even a small lunch can renew your energy and help you feel refreshed and ready to take on the next several hours. In addition, eating lunch keeps your metabolism active, according to the Huntington Medical Foundation.

We concur! To make your lunch break the best it can be, we offer a full range of delicious and nutritious lunch specials that will have you back at it and ready to conquer the rest of the day!