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Westlake’s “hidden jewel” and only authentic Interior Mexican restaurant and bar.

Las Palomas’ menu spans multiple regions of Mexico, as well as the cultures which influenced Mexico’s cuisine, including Spanish, French, South American and Aztec tastes. Our signature Mole, Chile Relleno, Steak Chimichurri and seafood recipes reflect the delicious blend of multiple cultures, honed to perfection by Amelia Corona, our founder. Join us for a culinary trip across Mexico, enhanced by an accompanying glass of wine or fresh lime margarita.

Meet the Owner, MariCarmen Corona Dale


We invite you to come in and taste our time-honored family recipes from throughout interior Mexico. Whether you choose our signature Chile Relleno, Mole Poblano, Seafood Veracruzano or Chipotle, or another item from our extensive menu, we are confident you will find them delicious. Salud!

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You Love Our Seafood

red snapper

Our extensive list of seafood options, from savory to spicy, seem to get a lot of people talking. They tell us they’ve looked near and far for Mexican-style seafood and they’ve fallen hungry in their search. That was before they opened our menu and saw our seafood section overflowing with fifteen different choices. This month, we’re featuring our Red Snapper with Lemon Caper Sauce: Amelia’s tangy lemon caper sauce paired with red snapper for a light, but savory dish, served with a mixed green salad and rice prepared with our homemade chicken broth. Stop searching for seafood and let us serve you at Las Palomas.

She’s the Toast of the Town


Haven’t made a plan yet to celebrate the maternal figure(s) in your life? We have the perfect experience for her. Jazz playing in the background, a menu filled with delicious dishes and enough bubbly to keep you toasting her throughout the meal. Featuring our Villa Sandi Prosecco and other effervescent sips, we’re drawing attention to four specials including: Red Snapper in Lemon Caper Sauce, Steak & Shrimp with Chile Ancho Sauce, Salmon Beet Salad with Goat Cheese and Enchiladas Poblanas. We’re serving on Mother’s Day from 11am to 3pm, with live jazz from S7Ven from 11:30am to 2:30pmBook a table with us today.

It’s Mom’s Time Now


She’s given so much to you and now is the time to show her how much you care. Think of all the meals she’s made (or bought) for you! She deserves a scrumptious meal that didn’t come out of her kitchen (or wallet), so bring her in to Las Palomas and we’ll take care of it all. A little music, a little bubbly and a fantastic meal – and you’ll get all the credit! We are serving on Sunday, May 14th from 11am to 3pm, with live jazz from S7Ven from 11:30am to 2:30pm. Reserve your table today.