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This hidden Westlake gem satisfies with Interior Mexican favorites

With all the restaurant closures Austin has seen in the past couple years, it’s uplifting to hear about family restaurants that have been going strong for decades. Las Palomas, opened by the Corona family in 1983, is one of those success stories.

After working for the American embassy for 26 years, during which he was in charge of all the American art in Mexico City, Javier Corona decided to resign to spend more time with his family. Read more »

Austin’s Restaurant Scene

When Javier and Amelia opened Las Palomas in 1983, there were very few restaurants in the then-quiet town of Austin. But our booming metropolis now boasts 1000+ restaurants, with more opening – and closing – every day! Given the competition and the high rate of failure in the restaurant business, we are very grateful to continue to serve Austin and look forward to many more years!

A recent post in Culture Map details the most recent closings:

It’s been a rather unpredictable year for Austin restaurants — for every opening it seems we’ve encountered a surprising shutter.Fine-dining concepts and East Austin have been hit hardest, but no concept has proved untouchable.

We’re taking a look back at the 13 biggest restaurant closures of 2016 so far.

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Austin Fusion Magazine Celebrates Las Palomas Restaurant-Bar

Mexico City in Austin…Las Palomas Celebrates 32 Years

Austin is known to have scores of new and exciting restaurants, but how many could say they have been at the top of their game for 32 years? Las Palomas Restaurant & Bar celebrates its 32nd year this Valentine’s Day as West Austin’s only restaurant serving authentic Interior Mexican cuisine. Read more »

Westlake Picayune Features Las Palomas Story

We appreciate the Westlake Picayune’s feature on the family story behind Las Palomas and both Amelia and MariCarmen enjoyed the interview and we hope you enjoy reading the story from the Picayune!  Read more »

Las Palomas’ MariCarmen Corona Dale Profiled in the Daily Texan

Once a Longhorn, always a Longhorn! Our own MariCarmen Corona Dale is a proud UT alumna, so UT’s news source, The Daily Texan, recently visited Las Palomas to interview her. Read more » features Las Palomas !

Las Palomas’ MariCarmen Corona Dale Earns ABJ Profiles in Power Nomination

We are so proud of our own MariCarmen Corona Dale, nominated for the Austin Business Journal’s 2014 Profiles in Power & Women of Influence awards, given to working women of distinction in the Austin community. The full list of nominees, a group in which MariCarmen is proud and honored to be included, may be viewed here.

“Eat Austin Eat” Video Taping

David and Lisa from “Eat Austin Eat” interviewing MariCarmen about the history of Las Palomas Restaurant, her Father’s hospitality and artwork, and her Mother’s recipes.  We look forward to the final video release!

Visit where you can quickly experience what Austin eateries have to offer. Satisfy your hunger while you keep it local.

Austin Chronicle lists Las Palomas as Top 10 Must-Try Restaurant

We’re grateful to be included in the recent Austin Chronicle article  “Top 10 Must-Try, No-Hype Places” by Claudia Alarcón, Fri., Jan. 3, 2014.   Thanks Claudia!

Austin’s high-end culinary scene has enjoyed much hype and attention in the past couple of years. But there are many dishes worth trying in neighborhood restaurants and family-owned establishments that do not feature a celebrity chef or boast articles in national magazines. Give these a try.  In no particular order: Read more »

New year brings renewed commitment to chamber events

By Susan Difani
Westlake Picayune Contributing Writer

The turning of the calendar page from one year to the next is traditionally a time of both reflection on the previous year as well as thoughts of what the New Year might bring. Some people look at last year and resolve to make resolutions, but I prefer to make plans. Plans are harder to break, at least for me. Yes, I’m one of those. I’m a researcher, a planner and a list maker. I find this the perfect time to learn from what didn’t work last year and map out a strategy for implementing new ideas to make things better.  Upcoming Chamber Events….read full article>>

Wheat Nothings: A Gluten-free Valentines Day

By Kate Thornberry, Fri., Feb. 11, 2011
Karen Morgan of Blackbird Bakery
Photo by John Anderson

There was a time when so little was generally known about gluten intolerance that sufferers of celiac disease hardly dared to eat at restaurants. But as the number of people affected by celiac sprue has skyrocketed, due in part to more accurate diagnosis of the condition, restaurants are becoming more knowledgeable about the disorder and increasingly able to accommodate those affected by it. Read more »

Eat Austin Texas

austin monthly
For time-tested Mexican food in Westlake, Las Palomas is the obvious choice. With some of the most flavorful mole poblano in town and an impressive array of seafood specials, this hidden gem is sure to leave you satisfied and coming back for more. Lunch and dinner Tue-Sat.

This West Lake eatery proves that you can go home again

Reviewed by Nick Vann

Our crowd of AusTex ne’er-do-wells had a short list of Mexican restaurants that we frequented back in the early to mid-Eighties, and Las Palomas, or “the Doves” as we preferred to call it, occupied a place near the top. Our favorite honky-tonk, Soap Creek Saloon, had been run out of Rollingwood in 1979, four years before Las Palomas opened in 1983. Naturally, there was a little hipster resentment toward the city of West Lake Hills in general because of that, but we put all of that aside when the Mexican-food cravings kicked in. Most of Las Palomas’ dishes we loved back then are still being served today, 25 years later. Las Palomas’ menu draws from the interior of Mexico, based on family recipes from Veracruz, the Yucatán, Puebla, and Oaxaca. Read more »

Las Palomas Feels Like Eating Dinner with the Family

By Dale Rice

Like a family, there are some restaurants that — no matter how long you’ve been away — make you feel instantly at home when you return.

Perhaps that’s why 90 percent of the customers are repeat visitors at Las Palomas, the longtime Mexican restaurant in the back corner of the Westwood Shopping Center at Walsh Tarlton Lane and Bee Cave Road.

Something as seemingly small as a warm smile and greeting at the front door launches the welcoming ambience and establishes the expectations for friendly service, which never relents throughout the meal. Read more »

Holy Mole! Las Palomas Serves Up the Real Thing

Fri., Feb. 2, 1996

by Patrick Earvolino

Mole poblano, or “mole” (pronounced “molay”) as the name is abbreviated in Texas, is arguably the most exalted gastronomic delight in Mexico. Regarded as the country’s unofficial national dish, the rich purée of chiles, nuts, chocolate, and myriad secondary ingredients was invented in a Conquest-era monastery in the state of Puebla (poblano means “from Puebla”), and its assimilation of New and Old World ingredients and cooking techniques has come tosymbolize the culinary birth of the mestizaje, the merging of Spanish and indigenous cultures. To find a truly exquisite mole poblano, you could hop a bus and scour the luncheonettes of south central Mexico, the heartland of mole country. Or you could get into your car and drive over to Las Palomas restaurant in Westlake. Read more »

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