Interior Mexican vs. Tex Mex…the great debate

At Las Palomas, we proudly serve Interior Mexican dishes, but people still ask what the difference is between Interior Mexican and Tex Mex.

Interior Mexican food has been developed over many centuries, based on the foods available in the country. Over 5000 of coastline and countless acres for grazing and agriculture produced a cuisine based on fresh seafood, poultry, pork, vegetables, fruit and corn. Aztec and native origins combined with the influence of European cultures, especially Spain, to develop additional subtle seasonings and flavors, resulting in the Interior Mexican cuisine we know and love today.

Tex Mex developed relatively recently, as settlers arrived in the Texas territory and developed a cuisine based on the traditional Mexican food there, but with the ingredients more easily available, such as wheat flour and beef. Chile powder was useful as a preservative as well as a flavoring, canned beans a necessary accommodation and cheese from dairy cattle added in later years.

Most local restaurants offer primarily Tex Mex menus, but Las Palomas continues to serve the best fresh Interior Mexican cuisine in the Austin area!

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