Happy Birthday, Javier Corona

I know many of you remember my father, Javier Corona, who founded Las Palomas with my mother, Amelia, in 1983. We continue to appreciate his vision, taste and talent as we celebrate his birthday this month.

Javier and Amelia moved the family from Mexico City to Austin in 1982 when Javier retired from diplomatic service with the American Embassy in Mexico. The ensuing devaluation of the peso resulted in the family’s establishment of Las Palomas in their new community of Westlake, utilizing Javier’s management skills and Amelia’s culinary talents, with the whole family pitching in to help. His art continues to grace the restaurant today.

I am proud to continue the tradition of excellence established by my parents, bringing the best of Interior Mexican cuisine to our discerning community.


  1. He was a wonderful man, and he and your entire family were greatly appreciated friends to me, Jonathan and Julia. I’m very happy to see Las Palomas continuing so successfully.

  2. Mr. Corona was a sweet, dear gentleman, and we appreciated his thoughtfulness to our family. Happy to see Las Palomas continuing the successful and delicious restaurant Mr. Corona started in 1983.

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