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Need a little special attention? We’ve got just the room for you.

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At Las Palomas Restaurant and Bar we know that sometimes you just need to get away from the crowd. For those occasions, we offer private dining options that suit a variety of parties’ needs. Offering both private and semi-private seating areas, we welcome the opportunity to serve your group.

They Shimmy for Our Chimi

Amelias Special: Grilled Salmon Chimichurri & Beet Salad

Our customers say they’re in love with our Grilled Salmon Chimichurri and Beet Salad; and we couldn’t be more pleased! To be sure everyone knows how refreshing and filling this dish is, we’re highlighting it during the month of August. Our grilled filet of salmon is topped with house-made chimichurri sauce made with parsley, olive oil and vinegar, and rests on a bed of greens combined with pickled beet cubes, avocado and goat cheese. It’ll make you dance in your seat, enjoy!

Westlake’s only for authentic Interior Mexican food


We pride ourselves on our authenticity and are honored to serve our community the Interior Mexican food that we know and love. Whether it’s our Empanadas or our Enchiladas Verdes, rest assured this is the real thing. And the real thing is quite delicious. Step inside and join us for Westlake’s only authentic Interior Mexican food at Las Palomas Restaurant and Bar.

Yes, it’s Still a Mess Outside…


… but still cool and delicious inside! As with all construction/renovation, the work on the outside of the shopping center seems to be taking longer than planned. But we are open, so please come on through the very safe entrance in the fence and join us for lunch, dinner or happy hour… or all three!

Cruise Over for Our Red Snapper ala Veracruzana

Blog_Red Snapper ala Veracruzana

You love our snapper and we don’t blame you! A fresh fish for our summer days, our Red Snapper ala Veracruzana is sautéed and then brushed with a savory sauce of fresh tomatoes, olives, capers, onions garlic, bay leaves and fine herbs. All of this and a side of rice and side salad. A perfect summer meal from Las Palomas Restaurant to you!

A Toast to Great Live Music

Red wine pouring into wine glass, close-up

A glass of wine, a summer breeze, a jazzy beat. Let us bring it all straight to you this Saturday night. Join us from 6:30pm-9:30 pm and sway to the music of S7VEN’s broad repertoire ranging from Nat King Cole to Michael Buble. Let us open a bottle of wine for you (at 20% off) and let the relaxing evening take you away.

Start your Saturday with our Chilaquiles


Nothing says hello to the weekend like a delicious plate of traditional Mexican chilaquiles prepared with corn tortilla chips, shredded chicken breast, and green roasted tomatillo sauce – all topped with mozzarella and cheese. Served with rice and beans, you’ll wish every day was Saturday. Join us from 11am – 2pm on Saturdays and start your weekend right.

What makes our Mejor Margarita the best?


Is it the perfectly aged tequila? The orange zing of Grand Marnier? Pulp of a fresh squeezed lime? The delicate combination of orange juice and agave nectar? A pop of spice from serrano pepper? Cilantro muddled to perfection? Or is it all of that with the icing of a chili salt rim? If the answer is simply, “yes” – we agree. El Mejor Margarita – it’s waiting for you right now at Las Palomas Restaurant. Don’t make it wait.

Yes, We Are Open


As the shopping center makes upgrades to our area, please don’t let the mess come between you and your favorite Interior Mexican food! We are open and it’s cool and delicious inside!

We’ve planned your Saturday night


Put down the paper, click out of that website, stop scanning your friends’ feeds. We have your Saturday night plans and they’re with us on a patio, listening to jazz with a refreshing drink and delicious dinner on your plate. From 6:30pm – 9:30pm we are lucky to have S7Ven Jazz liven up Las Palomas Restaurant. Please join us!