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You Love Our Seafood

red snapper

Our extensive list of seafood options, from savory to spicy, seem to get a lot of people talking. They tell us they’ve looked near and far for Mexican-style seafood and they’ve fallen hungry in their search. That was before they opened our menu and saw our seafood section overflowing with fifteen different choices. This month, we’re featuring our Red Snapper with Lemon Caper Sauce: Amelia’s tangy lemon caper sauce paired with red snapper for a light, but savory dish, served with a mixed green salad and rice prepared with our homemade chicken broth. Stop searching for seafood and let us serve you at Las Palomas.

She’s the Toast of the Town


Haven’t made a plan yet to celebrate the maternal figure(s) in your life? We have the perfect experience for her. Jazz playing in the background, a menu filled with delicious dishes and enough bubbly to keep you toasting her throughout the meal. Featuring our Villa Sandi Prosecco and other effervescent sips, we’re drawing attention to four specials including: Red Snapper in Lemon Caper Sauce, Steak & Shrimp with Chile Ancho Sauce, Salmon Beet Salad with Goat Cheese and Enchiladas Poblanas. We’re serving on Mother’s Day from 11am to 3pm, with live jazz from S7Ven from 11:30am to 2:30pmBook a table with us today.

It’s Mom’s Time Now


She’s given so much to you and now is the time to show her how much you care. Think of all the meals she’s made (or bought) for you! She deserves a scrumptious meal that didn’t come out of her kitchen (or wallet), so bring her in to Las Palomas and we’ll take care of it all. A little music, a little bubbly and a fantastic meal – and you’ll get all the credit! We are serving on Sunday, May 14th from 11am to 3pm, with live jazz from S7Ven from 11:30am to 2:30pm. Reserve your table today.

Good Music and Good Food – a Perfect Pair


It’s true; music does make everything better – even Las Palomas’ food! Join us Saturday evenings 6:30-9:30pm for live jazz from S7Ven and delicious Interior Mexican food. Add a refreshing drink from our full bar and wine list, and it’s a terrific threesome!

Interior Mexican vs. Tex Mex…the great debate


At Las Palomas, we proudly serve Interior Mexican dishes, but people still ask what the difference is between Interior Mexican and Tex Mex.

Interior Mexican food has been developed over many centuries, based on the foods available in the country. Over 5000 of coastline and countless acres for grazing and agriculture produced a cuisine based on fresh seafood, poultry, pork, vegetables, fruit and corn. Aztec and native origins combined with the influence of European cultures, especially Spain, to develop additional subtle seasonings and flavors, resulting in the Interior Mexican cuisine we know and love today.

Tex Mex developed relatively recently, as settlers arrived in the Texas territory and developed a cuisine based on the traditional Mexican food there, but with the ingredients more easily available, such as wheat flour and beef. Chile powder was useful as a preservative as well as a flavoring, canned beans a necessary accommodation and cheese from dairy cattle added in later years.

Most local restaurants offer primarily Tex Mex menus, but Las Palomas continues to serve the best fresh Interior Mexican cuisine in the Austin area!

It’s Date Night in Westlake


It’s been a beautiful day and the evening is forecast to be equally lovely. Don’t stay home with the TV, grab your favorite squeeze, friend or family member and join us for live jazz, delicious food and great drinks. Choose our patio, dining room or bar area – we’ll see you soon…the music starts at 6:30!

Happy Birthday, Javier Corona


I know many of you remember my father, Javier Corona, who founded Las Palomas with my mother, Amelia, in 1983. We continue to appreciate his vision, taste and talent as we celebrate his birthday this month.

Javier and Amelia moved the family from Mexico City to Austin in 1982 when Javier retired from diplomatic service with the American Embassy in Mexico. The ensuing devaluation of the peso resulted in the family’s establishment of Las Palomas in their new community of Westlake, utilizing Javier’s management skills and Amelia’s culinary talents, with the whole family pitching in to help. His art continues to grace the restaurant today.

I am proud to continue the tradition of excellence established by my parents, bringing the best of Interior Mexican cuisine to our discerning community.

Thank you for selecting Las Palomas as Open Table’s Winner!


We received notice from Open Table that their diners have selected Las Palomas Restaurant-Bar for the OpenTable Diners’ Choice Awards this month and couldn’t be more thrilled! We so appreciate your votes of confidence and promise to continue striving to be your favorite destination for quality Interior Mexican food in Austin.

The Official No-Hassle Date Night….


…is right here at Las Palomas! SXSW traffic and street closures continue to create challenges to going downtown for your date night tonight. Skip the traffic jams and parking hassles and join us for excellent Interior Mexican food, your favorite drink from our full bar menu and live jazz from local favorites S7Ven.

No SXSW Traffic Here


SXSW is a wonderful celebration of technology and the arts, but getting around downtown during the festival is – to put it mildly – challenging, as you can see from the street closure map! Join us here at Las Palomas for live jazz from S7Ven, delicious Interior Mexican food and a freshly-made margarita – with no traffic or parking hassles!